Breast Biopsies

A breast biopsy is the surgical removal of a small sample of breast tissue or cells to be tested for breast cancer. The doctor may recommend a biopsy if the patient has an abnormal mammogram or a lump in the breast.

Why have a breast biopsy?

A breast biopsy can be recommended for one of several reasons.

The nipple changes – perhaps there is a bloody discharge, dimpling, scaling or crusting of the skin.

A mammogram, ultrasound or MRI scan reveal an area in the breast that requires further investigation.

A lump is felt in the breast, either by the patient or the doctor. There may be some thickening in the breast.

There are several methods for a breast biopsy.

Preparing for your biopsy

You will be asked to sign a consent form which shows that you have given permission for the procedure to go ahead. Read it carefully and ask questions about anything that concerns you.

We tell patients not use deodorant, powder, lotion, cream, or perfume on their arms or breasts on the day of the biopsy.

Before the procedure, it is important to let the doctor know if you..: