Calcium Scoring Screening

Calcium Scoring is a brief, painless screening test using a high speed CT scanner that can help to evaluate your risk of heart attack. Special software lets us analyze the CT results and determine the amount of calcium in the coronary arteries. By evaluating and measuring the calcium build up in your coronary arteries, you can have an early warning of the arthrosclerosis (plaque build up) in your coronary artery. The procedure requires no injections, treadmills or other preparation. The results will be sent to you and your primary care physician for further consultation.

Coronary Angiography allows the arteries of the heart to be viewed in three dimensions in a variety of projections. Angiography reveals the status of the left and right coronary arteries and their branches, which supply blood and nutrients to the cells of the heart.

More effective than a standard X-ray, a Lung CT scan can save your life. This scan is the most advanced screening tool available for the early detection of lung cancer and diseases like emphysema. This screening can detect lung cancer at its earliest stages, when treatment has a much higher rate of success. Screening Lung CT is one of the best screening tests available to find lung cancer. Screening lung CT visualizes other structures of the chest as well, and can help diagnose cysts, enlarged lymph nodes, hiatal hernias, and aortic aneurysms, among other things.

Whole Body CT screening is an effective early detection method for the screening of many major diseases, including heart disease and cancer. It is a painless, non-invasive procedure that takes about 10 to 15 minutes to perform. The Whole Body Scan looks at all of the internal organs from the neck (thyroid) to the hips (pelvis). It can help to detect cancer, aneurysms, arthritis, gallstones, and kidney stones among many other common ailments. A Whole Body scan also includes a Heart and Lung scan and can be tailor fit to your concerns and family history.